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The Learn to Skate Website is your source for information about all things LTS


About Learn to Skate


 Skate UK is NISA’s flagship learn-to-skate programme for beginners of all ages that teaches the fundamental movements and basic skills. The programme emphasises fun and continuous movement and is taught in a group lesson format; Skate UK is taught by licensed NISA coaches and can be assisted by trained Programme Assistants. The learn-to-skate programme is separated into two sections: Skate UK and Skate UK Star.


Skate UK Broken down into 10 stages, Skate UK introduces skaters to the principles of “skating”, in a group format. The aim is to promote all skaters through the NISA system of training in a seamless manner and to encourage and identify “talented skaters”, so that they are fast-tracked through the system. Badges, certificates and medals are available to purchase for all levels from the Dundee Ice Arena reception 


The Skate UK Star Program


Skate UK Star is the next stage of a skater’s development, upon completion of all ten levels in Skate UK. It is segregated into four skating disciplines: Singles, Ice Dance, Synchronized and Short Track Speed, with each compromising three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Your NISA Licensed Coach will be able to help decide which discipline is best for you.

The programme comes with an accompanying booklet (known as the Skate UK Star Registration Document) that can be purchased from the Dundee Ice Arena reception


If this is for you, then enrol today at Dundee Ice Arena, if you are already a member, then you can use this site for all the current information.


Upon completion of the Gold Level in Skate UK Star skaters may wish to continue their skating development by entering the NISA National Tests. Your NISA Licensed Coach will be able to talk to you more about what this entails.

When you are ready to take the National Tests you will need to become a NISA member (you will also need to become a NISA member if you want to enter any UK competitions) which you can do by downloading the application form from the NISA members section. Here you will also find the application form for applying for tests, which can be sent in at the same time as you apply for membership.

Remember when you apply for your first level of National Tests to include your Registration Document, signed by your NISA Licensed Coach, to show you have passed the Gold level of Skate UK Star. This will be returned to you as soon as it has been checked by the NISA office.









Learn to Skate @

Dundee Ice Arena

Camperdown Leisure Complex



Tel 01382 889369




The Learn to Skate @ Dundee



The Coaches at Dundee will guide you through the steps to become a figure skater or Ice Dancer, when you have completed the sk8 UK program, this will open many doors the the world of Figure skating, competing as a free skater, pairs or even dance, at Dundee we have skills in all fields of skating enabling you to achieve your goal.

Dundee strives to offer the best in coaching services so if you have a problem or need assistance, just ask


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