Learn to skate - Skate UK Star Badges

SkateUK Star Badges


badge Bronze 1. Forward Spiral on either foot with flow.
2. Bunny-Hop into a Forward Drag.
3. Two-Foot Spin (min 3 revolutions)
4. Three Jump (Waltz Jump)  
badge silver 1. Backward Spiral on either foot.
2. One-Foot Spin (min 2 revolutions)
3. Teapot on either foot, (forwards or backwards)
4. Single Salchow Jump
badge Gold 1. Backward outside One-Foot Spin (min. one revolution)
2. One-Foot spin with correct entry and one-foot exit, (min 4 revolutions)
3. Single Toe-Loop Jump
4. Combination of skating movements, turns, spins and jumps in a short routine with or without music, max I min 30

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